Monday, September 21, 2009


As most of you already know (because I’m slow at updating this thing) Worlds went very well for me. I don’t want to say I had the ride of my life in the TT- because hopefully I’ll get faster than I am now- but to this point in my career it was my best ride. That’s how it should be right? Anyway, I started 1 min ahead of Sarah the Brit, and going in I knew the likelihood of getting caught was pretty high. Just hold her off as long as possible- we guessed she’d catch me at the beginning of the second lap- so when I didn’t see her at all for the first 15k, I had a good idea I was rolling pretty well. She caught me with 1k to go, right at the top of the final hill, and we rode in basically together (as much “together” you can have in a TT) across the finish line. 28:03 to her 27:02 and good enough to be the bridesmaid. This is the first time I can think of I’m satisfied with 2nd.

The road race went pretty much exactly as I thought it would, just sooner. Sarah attacked on lap 2 of 6 and I tried to go with her, but didn’t have the legs to match. Claire (the Aussie) and I chased for the remainder of the race but were unable to catch her. With 2k to go, I got a little gap and rolled in for 2nd... again. It’s hard for us to road race because our fields are so small. It seemed that this year everyone had much smaller teams, and some countries didn’t come at all, making for much smaller fields. Hopefully the track will have more competitors, and next year’s Worlds (They’ll be road and track together again) will have bigger fields.

The team as a whole did extremely well this year- better than expected. We brought home 11 total medals, 5 jerseys/golds, 5 silvers and 1 bronze. Every rider finished both their races in the top 10, and rode to personal bests. Hopefully we can carry this momentum through the track to keep the tally going.

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