Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ok I know, it's probably not politically correct to even say Christmas, but don't read this out loud and you'll be fine. Tonight (actually the entire day) is Christmas Adam. Get it? The day before Christmas Eve? It's a religious joke. Anyway, I'm not a religious person (although I did have the fear of god struck into me recently) so the historical meaning of Christmas is somewhat lost on me. We don't sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, we don't even go to church anymore.

To me, Christmas has become something other than a religious day. In my mind Christmas is similar to Thanksgiving, only colder and with presents. (Sidenote, I've always felt that people with birthdays on or near Christmas get gypped out of one or the other. It's just easier to combine them and give just one gift to the kid.) It's a time to be spent with family, and appreciate what you have, and the things you have to give and share. The past year and a half has not been easy for our family, and when things seemed to be looking up, they took a downturn. Our misfortune has made me realize (again) who and what are really important in my life. Although they can be irritating at times, my family tops the list (Whose isn't at some point). As much as we hate to say it, it's true, we need each other. Last Christmas was the first year I felt the true values and ideals of Christmas were apparent to us. It was also the most enjoyable in my book. I have a feeling this year will be the same.

Something exciting is in store for Christmas day, and I can't wait for a reaction. No deets now, but I'm super excited to finally give an awesome gift to a totally deserving person.

In addition to my sappy family Christmas blog, here's a bit of a "Hot and Not" Christmas list.

- Augusteen Burrough's You Better Not Cry Christmas book. Read it, you'll laugh out loud even if you're alone in your dark bedroom... Not that I know from experience or anything.
- Real Christmas trees. No it's not "green" to support deforestation one tree at a time, but they look and smell SO much nicer than a fake one. After the season you can take it to the tree recycling station in your neighborhood.
-Ugly holiday sweaters. Please send me photos, I hope yours lights up.
- Casual Christmas dinner. Nice jeans and a collared shirt and sweater are sufficient. The days of the suit or dress are over. Get with the times people.
-The Grinch themed gingerbread cookies.
-Instrumental Christmas music so long as it is played within the three day window.
- Christmas music played before Christmas Adam. In my opinion, Christmas music has a three day window- Adam, Eve, and Day- and should only be played on those days. It is then acceptable as it reminds me Christmas is coming and I should think about gifts for people.
- Gingerbread cookies with boobs. Real nice mom. (To her credit, they are edible sprinkles this time, not crack-your-teeth ball bearings like years past.)
- Children singing carols/Christmas music in person or on the radio/CD's etc. Most kids freak me out, and when they're singing Christmas music dressed as angels or the dudes in the Jesus barn, I don't like it.
- "Winter Wonderland" Whoever thought that Christmas needed to be white is an idiot. It's like the frozen apocalypse outside. People are going to crash their cars going to family dinner, and that's never a good thing because people get cranky.

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  1. When people hear that I don't like Christmas music they look at me like I just told them I was married to my cousin or something.