Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feb. 2nd

Today was a good day. Here's a list of what I did-
-Woke up at 10am
-Facebooked/ate breakfast
-Took 3 hours to ride 90 minutes
-Matt had one flat, I had one flat
-Went to the bike shop
-Rode to burrito stand for lunch
-Got another flat
-Went home
-Had flat car tire
-Inflated flat car tire with bicycle floor pump (Not as hard as I thought it would be)
-Got said flat car tire fixed
-Glorious pb/j for dinner
-Updated blog

The two highlights- laughing at Matt who rode a midget's bike to the burrito stand, and inflating a car tire with a floor pump. This is as real as my life gets. Love it.

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