Wednesday, August 14, 2013

40 Things I Love About Cycling

The Para-cycling team just wrapped up a prep camp before our World Championships at the end of August. During that camp, a sports psychologist talked with the group about many things but one especially stuck out. She said that if you can’t come up with 25 reasons why you love the sport of cycling, you should do something else. So, I decided to sit down and write down some of the things I love about cycling. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Freedom
2. The friends I’ve made along the way
3. Going fast
4. Being outside
5. Being fit
6. Traveling
7. Going on adventures
8. Constant new challenges
9 Trying new things
10. Meeting people I wouldn’t meet otherwise
11. Sunshine
12. Drinking a Coke after a hard ride
13. Being tan (in places)
14. Setting goals
15. Having something to work towards
16. The peacefulness of solo rides
17. Racing
18. The organized chaos of races
19. Dropping in from the rail of the track
20. Cornering really, really hard
21. Pinning on a number
22. The sound of carbon wheels in a race
23. Being in the zone
24. The feeling of wind on my face
25. The feeling of wind at my back
26. Taking frustrations out on the bike
27. Competing with myself
28. Trying to hit the moving target that is “The Top”
29. Feeling the G-forces in the corners of the track
30. Descending
31. Following wheels
32. Motorpacing
33. Having friends around the world
34. Learning how to travel
35. Learning how to be resourceful
36. Getting to sleep a lot as part of my “job”
37. Having a lifelong hobby
38. Café rides
39. The accessibility of the sport
40. Being given opportunities I couldn’t have dreamed of before I started cycling

What do you love about cycling? The list is endless, really. What would you add?

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