Thursday, April 29, 2010


The second day is always the hardest for me as far as time changes go, so I'm really just writing this to stay awake. I'm writing from Spain, on the the first part of our "Spance" trip (Spain+France=Spance). We're holed up in a little hotel just outside Bilbao (One of the largest port cities in Spain). Bilbao is in the Basque region in the northern bit of the country. It's beautiful here! Everything is super green, mountains, little euro roads, roundabouts. It reminds me of Switzerland, but not as Sound of music-y. It's Europe! It's raining a little bit now, but yesterday was about 80°F and sunny. I guess today's weather is more indicative of the season than yesterday's and the rain will carry through the weekend.
As per usual, this is a race trip. Nine athletes and staff made the trip over for two P1 events (Smaller than a world cup). Two people are only doing the Spanish race, so our group will shrink when we go to France (huh- huh!). Racing starts on Saturday with two time trials, then a road race on Sunday. Categories are supposed to be combined for the races which I'm really looking forward too. Men and women of like categories will be racing together. I'm so tired of women's racing... this will be fun!
We still have an hour to kill before our afternoon ride. Amazingly, as I was reminded of earlier today, there is even less to do here than at the Training Center. We're all trying to stay out of trouble, and stay awake. 
Till next time!

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