Monday, August 2, 2010

Guidos and Arabica

No, I haven't started using ethnic slurs, they're the last two places we did ToCS at- Uncle Guido's and Arabica Cafe.

First, Uncle Guido's. We chose it simply based on it's name. It was everything and nothing I expected all at the same time. We walked in and were immediately greeted by a pool table. It took a few moments for anyone to realize we were even in there, then Pat (the only woman working in the whole place) came to greet us. She was beading in the back by the bar. They were also watching House on TV. We decided to stay and eat, and chose to sit on the patio. I was nearly blinding by the setting sun and Taj had to pop his collar to keep his neck from getting burned, but we survived. The menu consisted of a few hot sandwiches and a few cold sandwiches and salads. I got "The American" with ham, turkey, a bunch of rabbit food and of course, american cheese on a roll. It was actually quite good. But first, the service. 

Since Pat was the only person working it took a while to get our food. In fact, I went in to get a refill of our water pitcher and just ended up bringing our food out  myself. No, no, it wasn't a bad thing, it just added to the experience of Uncle Guido's. Pat was awesome, a lot of fun, and we found out what her work schedule is so we can go back and see her (Saturday-Monday). The food was basic, but the service, when it came, was fantastic, and the name is definitely good for points. I give it a Fireworks.

Next up- Arabica Cafe. I wish I could remember the name of what I ordered, but alas, I have the memory of a goldfish. It was chicken cooked in their specialty style. So, when you go, just ask what their specialty is and get it in chicken. It was pretty cheap and a good amount of food- the entree, rice, and I chose hummus as my side. The hummus was fantastic, but I should've gotten more pita to eat it with.

I thought the food was good, but the atmosphere was too fast-food-y for me. And there were kids there. Kids! I give the food a Fireworks and the atmosphere a gold star, so it balances out to either Rich Mahogany or Leather Bound Books (I can't keep the rating system straight.) It was good, but next time eat outside. Unless kids are around cause then you're SOL.

Happy eating!

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