Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Last night (See, I'm getting back on this blogging thing!) we went to Savelli's in Manitou Springs. We've hit just about every place in downtown COS, so we decided to branch out a bit. Our first choice was closed which forced us into the hills. We headed west without a real plan, but once we saw Savelli's we knew we needed to stop. Stacy and I drove past this place the other night and there was some type of bust going on in the parking lot. I'd like to think it was something exciting like drug running or human trafficking, you know, a good reason to get arrested.

It's a fairly small restaurant, so we were all relieved when we were seated on the half opposite the kids. I ordered a hot sandwich that was very good, and others ordered a pizza, salad, and chicken balls. Everything was tasty. For the ranch lovers out there, there was probably half a bottle that came with the chicken. Everyone knows that foods like that are just carriers for the ranch dressing. At about $10, it's nicely priced for a quick bite to eat or those on a budget.

Unfortunately (or I suppose fortunately) there was no bust while we were there. It would've been nice to go along with the conversation from the table behind us. They were talking about how someone had to get married because their mother-in-law had already made the dress. Quite entertaining.

Anyway, I give it a rating of Leather Bound Books (just below Fireworks).

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