Monday, November 2, 2009

Track Worlds Website and Update

People have been asking, I'm finally going to deliver. Click on the link for results and updates from Manchester at the Paracycling Track World Championships.

We arrived in Manchester yesterday afternoon after about 26 hours of travel. The 5:30a departure from Colorado Springs was a bit rough, but I managed to sleep on the planes, and even wrote a paper in the airport. (Gotta love a 5 hour layover in Detroit!) Amazingly, only one piece of luggage was lost from our entire group... it happened to be my bike box, with both bikes in it. It was put on the next flight to Manchester- it never left Chicago- and made it to the hotel later that night. Also, my duffel bag came out tied together with a rope. When I saw it, I promptly announced that "That's a janky ass bag! Who's is that?!" Not knowing it was infact mine. Phenomenal. After closer inspection, the zipper was just open, and a simple unzip- zip solved the problem and nothing is actually broken. And now I have 6ft of high quality rope. (The rope they used is of surprising quality, and tied with very good knotsmanship (??) Makes me think they've done that before)
We got on the rollers last night for a little recovery spin (I was able to use Craig's bike for that), ate dinner, and tried our hardest to stay awake till a reasonable bed time. The movie Taken did the trick. So after a solid night's sleep in our scoarching hotel room, we got back on the rollers today, both times in the shelter of the cargo shipping container we're using as a storage room. 6 cyclists and about 20 bike boxes fit nicely inside. It's quite warm once everyone gets rolling. Tomorrow we should be on the track nd everyone is looking forward to it. It's my 4th time in Manchester, but the first for almost everyone else. It's fun to see the excitement people get when riding a new track. Not to sound old and jaded, I'm still really excited to be here, and this is actually one of my favorite tracks.
That's all for now. I should be posting again later this week with hopefully more exciting updates for you all. Thanks for reading!

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