Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sorry for the delayed post, I forgot what day it was.

With so much travel in my schedule, a lot of people ask me about packing. How to pack bikes, cars and duffel bags all seem to be of interest. It's actually fairly simple and when you do it often you develop a pretty specific procedure for it all. My secret? Organizer bags. They help keep your bag tidy and are great when you're looking for something in a rush. Just pull out the bag full of socks and you're good to go rather than digging through a mess of t-shirts, shoes and pajamas. I use six organizer bags to keep everything organized- one for socks, underwear, sports bras, real clothes, kits and ride food. An extra pair of cycling shoes and casual shoes, toiletries, massage stick, bowl, cup and cutlery also go in my duffel. I like traveling with as little as possible, so I often bring a clothes line and some laundry detergent so I can just do sink laundry and pack less clothes.

This is everything I travel with.

I also carry a few items in my back pack. My laptop, iPod and Kindle are the three items I never travel without. I also pack my helmet, riding arm, cycling shoes and pedals in my carry on- taking shoes and pedals allow you to ride any bike if yours doesn't make it for some reason. It's that easy! Packing the duffel takes about 20 minutes- when I don't have to do laundry of course- and I'm ready to hit the road.

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