Monday, January 24, 2011

Track camp #2

All our bikes waiting to go fast.

Track camp number two is done and done! Camp was both frustrating and satisfying. Going in I wasn't 100% and was still recovering from The Pnu. It completely kicked my butt, and I was laid up for the entire time between camps. So, going in I was tired but on my way to recovery. Before training started, Craig and I decided it would be best to ease my way back into the training and take camp session by session.

At first I was frustrated that I wasn't making times and was struggling to finish the efforts. I am my harshest critic, and something like walking pneumonia wasn't a valid excuse for not making times. As camp progressed though, I was able to look at the entire situation and not beat myself up for not being able to breathe during efforts. Each day I recovered from being sick and was able to do more of the training exercises with the rest of the team.

Sunrise from the velodrome

By the end of the camp I was able to look back at the weekend and feel satisfied with the work I'd done. Going in less than 100% and still putting in the work during training was a good mental boost for me. Laying on the couch all week was tough and I couldn't help but worry about how being sick now would impact my training and the rest of the season. Completing the camp was definitely helpful in eliminating those worries, and I think I'll be just fine this season.

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