Monday, February 7, 2011

Sorry for starting to slip back into my old, bad blogging habits. I enjoy blogging but it seems to slip my mind. Can I blame my not following through on my resolution on the mysterious cessation of Google Cal reminders? Yes, but that's irresponsible. Truly, I really didn't feel like blogging at all last week.

We wrapped up our third track camp in LA yesterday. This camp was still the two-a-day format with early morning and evening sessions each day. The training tears me up, but one of the hardest things is getting up so early. It probably sounds like I'm a prima donna for saying that but it's true. A late night session followed by and early morning session is hard to do. Between eating dinner, trying to wind down, and then finally sleeping, it's a quick turn around. That said, it was nice to have more time between the morning and afternoon sessions for added recovery.

I'm still recovering a bit from the pnu, and as Craig told me "You're flat... Whatever that means." Always the wordsmith, he also said "Enough is enough, when it's enough." Now, that probably doesn't make a ton of sense to a lot of you but it does to me. It's easy to dig yourself into a hole by not fully recovering from an injury, illness or just hard training. It's smarter to say it's enough than to beat your head against a wall trying to make times that aren't going to happen. It's frustrating for sure, but reminding myself- and having teammates and staff that remind me- that it's not the end of the world and that recovery is important help a lot. I was able to ride well and had several successful sessions on the track. It's always fun to ride fast!

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