Monday, March 29, 2010

Sushi and Sword Sharpening

Taste of Colorado Springs, part 2 took us to Yoo Mae on Kiowa downtown. This was a lunch time outing and again, quite nice. Yoo Mae does a special sushi roll for each of the 50 states. The Colorado Roll is shrimp tempura, cucumber, spicy tuna and avocado. Most of the rolls have an American twist which usually consists of creme cheese. Not exactly my thing, but other people must like it. The outside isn't much to look at, but the best places usually aren't. Their lunch specials are tasty and pretty cheap. I like this place, thumbs up.

Today, like most days, I rode past one of my favorite Colorado Springs establishments. I finally stopped to take a photo of the Prince of Blades which offers sword sharpening while-U-wait! I've never actually been in the Prince of Blades, but the fact that they offer to sharpen your sword right there on the spot automatically bumps it to the top of my list. I mean where else can you be in a sword fight, need to get your sword sharpened, and get right back to the duel? Genius.

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  1. we just had sushi on Sunday night - I'm a big spider roll fan

    thanks for sending me the blog link, Greta - will check back here as much as I can

    know all of us here in Chicago are cheering you on every pedal of the way! kevin